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Title: Football Leadership – Mourinho & Waterboy
ID: 10940401
Category: Sports & Adventure
Description: Is it possible to predict if a football team or a leader/coach will have success or fail with a football team? I say it is, and that luck has nothing to do with it. I will try to explain the leadership blocks to use to secure your success as a football coach. The football leadership model you find in the book, can be used to build up things from the beginning or to analyze where you are at the moment with your soccer team and what parts you can improve or you are strong within. And even if the book is describing the leadership within football/soccer, the leadership model will be useful on any level of managing people and management in general!
Copyright Year: © 2011
Language: English
Country: Sweden
Keywords: Football, Soccer, Coach, Training, Leadership, Coaching, Mourinho, Practice, Drills, Motivation, Goals, Teamwork, Results, Feedback, Cornerstones, Self-Devlopment, Self-Improvement, Skills, Management, Leader, Vision, Team, Managing, Leading

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