Football Off-Season Practices and Training

The  off season football practices and drill are performed without any added weights, except for  your own body or your friends body, of course you can add some weights into  many of the football off season practices, but they will work really good without as well. Use the football off season practices  out- or indoors, alone, in pairs or with the whole football team. By combining off season drills you get new form of off season practices or drills for your football players.

Football Off Season Training, Practices and Drills

Content: Soccer off season practices and drills

Training   knowledge 4
Strength   practicing 5
Speed   practicing 6
Stamina   practicing 7
Analyze the need of   practices 8
Circle   Training 10
Picture   order 11
Warm up   practices 12
Jumping   practices 21
Upper body   practices 37
Practices   for legs 57
Running   practices 76
Coordination   practices 82
Duelling   practices 86
Shirts 97
Other   Drills 98
Links 99

In addition to off season football practices, you get two different views of physical training, tables for strength, stamina and conditioning.

Football Off Season Training, Practices and Drills




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Off Season Football drills : 100 pages

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