Mourinho Signs

Fotboll Kroppsspråk Ledarskap och Spelare / Ledare / Tränare

Content in The Mourinho Signs – body language (eBook)

Communication through all forms is central in life, football coaching, leadership, and in many other area. It can make the difference between succesful football team and a losing team or landing a dream job or losing it as one example.

People use on an average of 50% body language to 50% verbal language when they are communicating.

Förstå kroppsspråk inom fotboll för fotbollsledare och spelare

If you cannot pick up the subtle nuances of the body language someone is giving, the message you may be receiving verbally, could be quite different than what they intended on it being. The more you try to use and learn how to pick up on body language signals the better you will get at it.

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