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Jalkapallo.se football coaching practices and drillsA Father’s wish – Dear Football Coach,
Tomorrow morning my son starts to practice football. He’s going to step out on the grass, to begin his great adventure that will probably include joys and disappointment.
I wish you could take him by his young hand and teach the things he will need to know. Teach him to respect the referee and that his judgment is final. Teach him not to hate his competitors, learn him to admire their skills. Teach him to be teamplayer and that it’s just as important to be a playmaker and make the passes before a goal, as it is to score a goal. Teach him to never blame his own goalie, when a goal is scored against him, because ten mistakes were made before the football ended up in their goal.
Teach him that is far more honorable to lose doing your best than it’s to cheat. Teach him to be a competitor focusing on team goals as well as on individual goals and performance. Teach him to close his ears to the howling mob and to stand up for himself if he thinks he’s right. Teach him gently, but don’t coddle him, because only the test of fire makes fine steel.

This is a big order, coach, I know, but I place my son in your hands. See what you can do for, and with him. He’s such a nice little fellow.

/His Dad

Started in 2007 and is run on my sparetime. On the main page jalkapallo.se you will find football practices and drills.  The football drills and practices are clearly drawn and each drill has a short description (you can get the explanation in Swedish, Finnish and English). Each football drill package contain different football drills and practices to cover all parts of a football game and your practice.

In this football coaching blog, I will give you leadership theories, practice and some fun and practical examples and stories to remember. The Football Leadership – Mourinho & Waterboy blog, will be uppdated once a week, during the weekends. Some extra updates might be possible… If you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to jukka(dot)aro(at)bredband(dot)net.

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